Friday, January 9, 2009

Skateboarding Cross Over

Not too many people know this, but back before I got into climbing I was heavy into skateboarding. Every once in a while I still get on my board and try to rip it up whcih ussually ends with me falling on my ass but I can still pull off a kickflip or two and have a lot of fun crusing around.

Recently, a series of videos from the shoe company DVS have surfaced on YouTube showing professional skateboarders battle it out in a game of SKATE or what is commonly referred to as HORSE. Featured in one of these battles was an old professional skater that I used to be psyched on named Steve Berra. He was one of the original members of the Birdhosue Projects team (led by Tony Hawk) and also tried to break into the movie scene around the same time Jason Lee was doing the Mallrat movies. He ended up starring in two episodes of Felicity until his acting career came to a sudden halt when his character was hit by a bus.

I couldnt get this one to embed so here is the link

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