Sunday, January 25, 2009

Second Time a Charm

Round two in the boulders today. Surprisingly, more people were out despite colder temps and a bone chilling wind that was ripping through the forest. After yesterdays efforts on more difficult climbs, Rich and I decided we would stick circuiting problems we know and love. We soon found ourselves in the Titanic area of the forest to begin our trek down memory lane. For those of you who need a better picture of the conditions in the forest, every problem we came to was dry and free from snow. Despite our best efforts to make it from one end of the forest to the other, Rich and I were left standing in front of the Animal Magnetism boulder by 3 pm with our tips shredded and our muscles complaining of the cold. All in all, a beautiful two days in January. Here are couple photos of today and yesterday, courtesy of the talented Mike Chapman and my own terrible camera skills.

Matt giving me the best spot a guy could ask for on Northridge Mini (Courtesy of Mike Chapman).

Rich basking in the sun while weezing through Airtight Garage.

Rich feeling the friction of winter on Mosquito Incubator.

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