Sunday, January 25, 2009

Return to the Forest

This weekend brought back the sunny weather to squamish bouldering and let me tell you, it was off the hook. The forest was glimmering with hope when Matt, Rich, and I arrived with no one to greet us but our own enthusiasm. Mike Chapman turned up quickly to document our sends as the early afternoon light shone on our backs. Starting in the Easy area, we were quick to jump on a sweet sweet warm up circuit and hit up some old problems that are often ignored. As the day progressed, our journey found us back at the Black Hole area, where we lost most of our skin crimping in the winter sun. Save of the day goes to Matt Lucas who placed his own body as a pad when I fell off the last moves of Northridge Mini. Here is a picture of Matt escaping from the boredom of gym climbing. Wait a that a new spotting technique where you don't use your hands?


  1. I'm so jealous. I was in Kelowna this weekend. I might have to "work from home" tomorrow. Were all the problems dry? Or just a selection? Was it hard to keep warm?

  2. Everything that we saw was completely dry except a couple of problems that have ice on one or two of the holds. awesome conditions! I recommend going climbing tomorrow because it looks like the weather is going to change by thursday. Today was a little chilly so bring your long underweat.