Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Squamish News Update

A lot of action in the boulders for a Tuesday night. Where do I begin?  Thomasina and Sam Schwartz both sent No Troblems for the first time.  While they were at it, Ben Harnden and Sonnie Trotter sent Loh Troblems, a low start variation to the original line.   Thomasina also completed King Kong later in the day.  Nice one Thomo!  In a little news of my own, I finally ended up sending Rollercoaster on Black Dyke boulder.  If asked how this problem climbs, I would have to say it has its ups and downs. badoomche!   On a very last note, I forgot to mention that two weeks ago, Rich Kupskay sent Northridge Mini which, in my personal opinion, is quite an awesome feat.  That's it for now folks.  Stay tuned for more summer action and if you have a chance, attend the meeting tomorrow night regarding the ski development in Squamish.

Squamish Ski Resort Development

This morning I received an Email from Brain Vincent regarding the proposed development of a ski resort in Squamish.  This development has been on the docket for years but I think over the past few months it has gained a lot of momentum.  Here is what Brain had to say.  Anyone who can make it to this event should surely go and voice their opinion. Here is the email:

Travel thirteen kilometers north of Squamish, and you find yourself in an area marked by two beautiful lakes, second and old growth forests, high ridges and extraordinary views. This spectacular wilderness area is the jewel of the corridor, and is enjoyed by locals and visitors from all over British Columbia and beyond who seek solace and outdoor adventure in a natural setting.

This land was originally set aside for British Columbians to freely enjoy, however it is on the verge of being handed over to Garibaldi at Squamish Inc. This massive development proposal would cover an area roughly 1/2 the size of Squamish and include: 2 golf courses, 25 ski lifts, 98 km of new road, 500,000 sq feet of commercial space, and 5,739 new housing units (22,000 bed units). 

The ski development is proposed for the stream's headwaters at Brohm Ridge and includes extensive water management plans, including up to five dams, extractions of water for snowmaking, golf course irrigation and potable water supply, storm water and sewage discharge, plus resort development that includes hotels, condominiums and other homes.
Environmental assessments reveal the resort would adversely impact grizzly bear, black bear, wolverine, mountain goat, and salmon and steelhead fisheries.



*Attend the Garibaldi at Squamish open house, Wednesday, June 24. The developers, along with the Environmental Assessment Office, and Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts, will be giving presentations on the project. They need to hear strong opposition from local residents. Details for open house below:

TIME: 6:30 presentation of project

*If you can't attend the meeting, please contact me at brian@bigwildlife.org to learn what you can do. Thanks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Squamish News Update

Rich, Brent, Gord, Adam, and I went to Hope this weekend and it was off the hook.  We spent Saturday in an area called Hunter Creek that is home to a couple of the best boulders around.  Brent and I both ended up sending a problem we tried last year called The Ice Box.  Hunter is definitely worth the trip so if anyone needs the beta on getting there, let me know.  I am going to try and post a few photos tomorrow

Not much in Squamish new, as I wasn't there this weekend, but during the week Meshkat had a good go on Aftermath and got to the top.  Nice Mesh.  I also heard a crazy story that Ben Harnden (along with Sonnie Trotter) onsight free soloed Rock On and Squamish Buttress.  I guess Ben couldn't find anyone who wanted to climb on ropes that day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Squamish News Report

Lots to report in Squamish news this week.  First, cougar sightings all over the forest including the Grand Wall Trail and the Smoke Bluffs.  Last I heard the cougar got a dog on a leash Saturday evening and the rangers had shot a cougar sunday morning.  A rough situation all around.  

In sending news, I am super psyched to note that Greg from Victoria (who I don't know the last name because every time I ask him, he thinks I want to add him to my Facebook) finally sent The Egg Friday evening after trying for a long time.  In other great news, Matt Lucas sent Bates Motel after a small battle.  Last but not least, Gord Konkim did Calculus Crack for the third time.  I feel there is something else I am missing.

In development news, there is a rad new boulder problem called Doubt that climbs the arete next to American Gigilo, above Vince's Pinch Problem.  Be careful on the first hold because it is fragile!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Squamish News Update

Lots of things going on in Squamish despite the worst temps and conditions for climbing.  This week wednesday I went to climb in the boulders and after an hour and a half I just gave up.  The place was dead!  

This weekend has been super dead as well but to I am pleased to announce that Luke Zimmerman sent Worm World Low on Friday afternoon.  Luke has been back in the boulders lately after an intense 6 weeks of training weights and dead hanging the campus board.  I also did not report that in the last two weeks he has completed both Tension Extension and Rollercoaster.  Watch out route world.  I hope we see more sends in Luke's future.  I also want to take this time to mention that Meshkat Javid made his first ascent of Fixing the Car aka Autobody the other week. Nice one Mesh!

In more news, I continue to make the plunge into the trad world (only because with the namesake of this blog, it has to be more than just bouldering).   Ben Harnden and I completed Bird of Prey on the Squaw this weekend. I tried to lead the first pitch (70 meters) but ran out of gear half way up.  Ben took over and brought us the rest of the way. Nonetheless, the route was pretty awesome!! Finished up the weekend with a trad lead in the bluffs.  Can't wait to get back!

Please write in if you have any news to report!