Sunday, June 7, 2009

Squamish News Update

Lots of things going on in Squamish despite the worst temps and conditions for climbing.  This week wednesday I went to climb in the boulders and after an hour and a half I just gave up.  The place was dead!  

This weekend has been super dead as well but to I am pleased to announce that Luke Zimmerman sent Worm World Low on Friday afternoon.  Luke has been back in the boulders lately after an intense 6 weeks of training weights and dead hanging the campus board.  I also did not report that in the last two weeks he has completed both Tension Extension and Rollercoaster.  Watch out route world.  I hope we see more sends in Luke's future.  I also want to take this time to mention that Meshkat Javid made his first ascent of Fixing the Car aka Autobody the other week. Nice one Mesh!

In more news, I continue to make the plunge into the trad world (only because with the namesake of this blog, it has to be more than just bouldering).   Ben Harnden and I completed Bird of Prey on the Squaw this weekend. I tried to lead the first pitch (70 meters) but ran out of gear half way up.  Ben took over and brought us the rest of the way. Nonetheless, the route was pretty awesome!! Finished up the weekend with a trad lead in the bluffs.  Can't wait to get back!

Please write in if you have any news to report! 


  1. Nice work on Birds of Prey! Its a great route! I just did Angel's Crest for the first time yesterday. Its an amazing day out. You should see about getting on that one if you have time.

  2. It is definitely on list. I saw a few pics on the internet and it looks amazing!

  3. Noice one Timbo! That's awesome you're doing longer gear routes...