Sunday, June 14, 2009

Squamish News Report

Lots to report in Squamish news this week.  First, cougar sightings all over the forest including the Grand Wall Trail and the Smoke Bluffs.  Last I heard the cougar got a dog on a leash Saturday evening and the rangers had shot a cougar sunday morning.  A rough situation all around.  

In sending news, I am super psyched to note that Greg from Victoria (who I don't know the last name because every time I ask him, he thinks I want to add him to my Facebook) finally sent The Egg Friday evening after trying for a long time.  In other great news, Matt Lucas sent Bates Motel after a small battle.  Last but not least, Gord Konkim did Calculus Crack for the third time.  I feel there is something else I am missing.

In development news, there is a rad new boulder problem called Doubt that climbs the arete next to American Gigilo, above Vince's Pinch Problem.  Be careful on the first hold because it is fragile!

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