Sunday, May 24, 2009

Squamish News Update

With my ear still to the ground, I thought I would post some news from the past couple weeks.  Jeremy Smith has freed a new six pitch line on the Chief directly above the Titanic boulder called Great White North, Tim Doyle added a new problem in The Farm called The Bull that starts on Chicken Lips and moves left across the face and finally, I am pleased to announce that Gord Konkin made his first ascent of Backseat this Sunday afternoon after getting some key beta after four years of work. Congratulations Gord!  Nice one!

In a little bit of my own news, I did my first Squamish mutli-pitch today.  Ben Harden and I went up the route Snake on the Apron.  After placing a bomber piece on lead and feeling on top of the world, I ended up loosing one of my shoes from the back of my harness on the final pitch.  Thank goodness no one was hurt, and even better, Ben found my shoe in the woods where we started the climb.  

Post in if you have any other sends to report over the weekend.  It looks as though the summer is off to a great start.


  1. Nice one Timbo...I did a few pull ups on my hangboard (that's my send :) )and my shoulder seemed fine so I think I may be able to rejoin the climbing brigade! Psyched!

  2. Tim's new line is an old Clifford problem, so you can save "Bull" for something else in the future. ;]

  3. In my mind Mike, it will always be the 'The Bull".

  4. Just to clarify, the new route on Tantalus wall was put up by Andrew Boyd and myself. This route was first cleaned more than 10 years ago. Boyd and I were working on it heavily for the last 3 years. If you're interested it's 12d,13a,12b,12a,13d,10a, then you can finish on Midnight run if you wish.

  5. thanks jeremy for writing in the beta and props to Andrew. Nice work guys. i wouldn't mind hitting that 10a pitch...hahah