Monday, July 27, 2009 August 1st, 2009 (fingers crossed)

Over the past two months, I, along with a number of contributors, have been in the process of creating a magazine designed to feature the local talent surrounding the Squamish area.  Unlike other magazines, Squamish Climbing Magazine will not feature Chris Sharma or Dave Graham, but rather, will feature local climbers making a difference in the Squamish climbing community.  

The first issue is due out August 1st (fingers-crossed), and will feature a spotlight interview with Peter Winter, who is a prominent route developer in the Squamish area, a development article on the Grand Wall Boulders by Mike Chapman, and a trip report on Leavenworth, WA by Rich Kupskay. Other articles include training with Luke Zimmerman, shoulder stabilization with Carla Cupido,  a perspective on Garibaldi at Squamish with Brian Vincent, and even a circuit section featuring 25 V4's in a day including topos and all.  

The magazine will be distributed through the website as a free PDF.  This means that you can download your own copy of the magazine to view at your own pace and start your very own collection of issues.  

Stay tuned for more at or go to the website and join our mailing list! 

For those interested in advertising for this issue or future issues, please email Tim at

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  1. i'm dying Tim, 25 V4 circuits look so fun right now being as i'm stuck in the cornfields (a bit hyperbolic, St. Louis) of the Midwest!