Monday, July 13, 2009

Reagan Daly: Breakfast

I thought the music in this video was so good that I had to post this up here. Israel Cruces has got a new camera and has been filming a lot in the forest.  This is a pretty fun video of Reagan flashing the problem Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Black Dyke warm up area.  Got to love that leg kick at the end!

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  1. Hey dude,

    We met in Fontainebleau (Maunoury area), Easter 2009, you were with two Spanish friends... well it doesn't really matter!!

    So ya, i've started my "few years climbing trip" and i'm still planning to pay a visit to Squamish : my big question is "WHEN?". I should arrive in March : what d'you think? Good or bad idea? Still a little cold/snowish/rainy? What would you suggest?
    Moreover, if i want to settle for a few months (more than 6) in BC, what town would you recommend so that i can climb everyday without driving for ten hours?

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