Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wales Legend: Neil Dyer

This time around in Font I had the good luck to bump into Neil Dyer.  For those of you who don't know Neil, he is not only a top notch climber but he is a gentleman and a scholar true to the word.  Neil has spent plenty of time in Squamish over the past few years both bouldering and trad climbing. In fact, he even is credited with first climbing one of the harder problems in the forest, Stalling Tim, where he snatched the first ascent right under the nose of some local climber who was taking his time socializing in the parking lot.  

All this preamble brings me to a video that was brought to my attention featuring Neil climbing his most recent first ascent in Parisella, Wales.  The problem is called Silk Cut and the uncut video makes it look pretty rad.  Good work Neil! 

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