Thursday, April 16, 2009

Squamish News Update

Awesome weather has brought a bunch of people back to the forest. A couple of notables this week with Sam Schwartz making the pendulum rush on King Swing Low and this Wednesday, Meshkat Javid sending Airtight Garage in only a couple of tries in the day. Nice one guys!  

In other news, the big flake on Tatonka has taken a bit of beating after Israel Cruces got his mitts on it and pulled off part of the hold. It looks as though it is about to break so be careful if you are climbing this thing or you may end up with a whole lot of granite on your chest.

Pic of the day goes to Meshkat feeling LOST with the goodtime blues on Anubis (I bet no one gets this reference).


  1. I wish I had only tried Airtight Garage a couple of times. I have been trying that problem for two summers.

  2. couple tries that day big guy! Nice!