Monday, April 27, 2009

Video Review: Leavenworth Climbing

So this is the second time this week I have found a video on someone else's blog and put it up here on my own page.  However, after seeing Jamie Chong's first shot at making a climbing video I was pretty psyched.   

So...a couple things that I thought were rad about this video.  First off, the beginning sequence is perfect with the use of the wide angle lens and the music.  The music got me psyched right away because it was so different than other climbing videos I had seen with their boring techno beat. The music gets pretty intense throughout the middle of the video but it kept me tense even when everyone was just sitting around.  

Two moments in video were timed perfect to the music.  The first was when Jamie hits the good hold on The Practitioner and then when Vicki hits the jug on The Shield.  Getting all this music timed out right must have taken Jamie a long time but it was well worth it.  Finally, I was psyched on the use of color and font in the video's word formatting.  The red and white contrast and opposite movements is a simple contrast between sections.  

For a first try, this video is pretty awesome and I am psyched to see more of Jamie's work. Hopefully this link helps a few people see this video who would otherwise miss out (although as of a week ago this video had more hits in one day than my blog has had in two weeks)  Enjoy!

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