Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years from Bishop. CA

We are coming up to another great New Years celebration in Bishop, CA. Last year the highlights were the drunk guy who was trying to fight everyone, the wax bombs that went off like a light, Alex Evans sticking his head down the toilet air duct, and finally, the girl who took her pants off by the fire.

This year there are a number of fellow squamish folk up here. Maysa and Kristian jsut got to town, Mike from the boulders is here, as well as Tim Clifford and his family and then George and Mina with their young one. Should be a pretty good time. I promised some pictures but I have been a little camera shy as of late. Either way, here are a couple of snow photos. No climbing pics! Sorry.

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  1. And I quote "Holy Shit I'm glad I'm not there!" Janelle Turner 2009.