Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Woes of Weather

Living in Vancouver, I often find myself waking up wondering what the weather is like in the boulders. Here is how it goes: Get up, check weathernetwork, check the weatheroffice, check the hourly precip rates through the National Weather Service, look at a few webcams, and finally, call a friend. At this point in time, I feel as though I have the weather in the boulders down to a science but my batting average in unpredicatable weather is still in the minors.

Yesterday, I woke up with this overzealous urge to climb in Squamish after it had snowed 30 centimeters in Vancouver. After calling a number of friends, it was obvious that I was going up alone. When I got to the boulders, the lower parking lot was a prestine glade of fresh snow with no tracks in or out. I knew I had made a mistake. Still unable to believe that my choice was fatal, I trotted into the boulders, brushes in hand, to find myself alone with a single lane of rabbit tracks. After the thrill of having the boulders to myself had subsided, I began to realise that the snow accumulation was too much for one man armed with three brushes and I gave up. As I dragged my feet back to the truck, I was greeted with the sun shining over Garabaldi. Although there was no climbing, the trip felt worth the effort. Dry up soon dear boulders. I will be back.

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