Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Post

Here is quick photo post of yesterday.  Weather was dry, temps were cold, and the wind was out. Highlights of the day include a send train on The Mantra, Matt and I sending Mosquito Masterbater Slab, and Gary Foster bring everyone beers.  

A band of unsightly characters in the cold. You stare at the boulder, I'll stare at you, and he'll stare at the camera.

Jamie Chong wrestling with Pool. What kind of elastic is in that toque!?
Sean McColl working Velcro Low with the watchful eye of the worlds best spotter.


  1. What's it take to get a photo of me climbing?

  2. climb something photo worthy and quit wearing black!

  3. Tim rename the blog to Squamish Bouldering, until I see some pics of you greasing off Penny Lane!!

  4. made it home after 27hr in the air and ground. Nice looking blog Tim.