Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shot in the Dark

The sun was shining so hard in Vancouver on Saturday I could think of nothing to do but check the boulders, with a faint hope that something might be dry.  Reports from the boulders on Thursday and Friday had noted that the forest was completely soaked, but for my own sanity, I needed to have a look for myself.  

The only person I could convince to go was Rich Kupskay.  Rich is your man if you are on a rogue mission, and a rogue mission was what we were on.   As a back up plan, Rich was going to learn how to drop in at the Squamish skatepark, so either way the day would not be a total loss.  
Our first impression of the boulders was that we had wasted our time.  Easy in an Easy Chair was damp, Animal Magnatism was soaked, and even Gibb's Cave was looking pretty wet. Rich and I headed to the car with a slow saunter, our motivation shredded before us.  There was to be no bouldering today.

However, on the way back to the car, Tyson Braun was getting his pad and he was psyched to find some dry rock despite the outlook.   Soon after, we found Big Kevin and Andrew Boyd warming up on the very boulders that were wet only minutes ago. The day was turning around.

To make a long story short, we ended the day at the Defenders boulder with visits from Tyson, Georg, and Chris Weldon.  After a good session, my tips were ready to burst and we headed back to the city.  Here are some photos I took during the day.  Unfortunately, I only took photos during the warm ups.  A few turned out okay.  The outlook for Sunday looks good so if you are sitting at home wondering, get in our car and check it out for yourself.

Rich throwing the ol'bearclaws on Gull Skull

Toping out with a smile on Gull Skull circa 2009


  1. What an unexpectedly great day! Did the pic of Yen and me peeking around the corner turn out?


  2. I actually had that photo up here on my first draft but your faces looked so small in the picture format that I took it off. I think I shot from too far away. Awesome day though for sure. this weekend looks good again as well.